Holiday home from Annemarie Boschetti

One day in 2009 I got a call from Annemarie Boschetti. She was triggered by the title of our newsletter 'Help South Sudan now!' Annemarie lived in Umbria, Italia.

She also had an apartment in Arnhem. Under the title “Vakantiehuis Italia” invited guests to her apartments in Umbria. Part of the rental income was set aside for donations to our foundation. In this way Annemarie contributed to the realization of the Pietro Boschetti Primary School in Lui.

Pietro Boschetti

Pietro Boschetti was Annemarie’s (now deceased) husband. Pietro was an Italian architect. He mainly designed school buildings. Annemarie wanted to link his name to the school as a lasting memory.

We are very grateful for this special contribution from this special woman. This has worked this way for a number of years. I have visited Annemarie several times, mostly in the Netherlands but also a few times in Italy. Here the plans were made and thanks to this initiative we were finally able to realize the school many years later.

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