ANBI policy plan and financial statements

Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI-status from 1 January 1, 2008)
VAT no. in The Netherlands: African Mission Foundation: RSIN 816 333 208.
IBAN: NL97 INGB 0009 5142 65, name: African Mission foundation, place: Arnhem, the Netherlands.
Chamber of Commerce 27256705 (bedrijfsuittreksel African Mission foundation).

Board and remuneration policy

The board of African Mission consists of three board members.

  • Jaap Huisman | chairman
  • Ikhlas Abdelrahman | secretary
  • Jaco van Maaren | treasurer

African Mission foundation is a small profit making organization and does not pay any remuneration to the board members. They can, however, declare expenses; download here the declaration decision of African Mission. We do everything we can to keep our administrative costs as low as possible so that the money from our donors and sponsors actually reaches the people in South Sudan. We work exclusively with volunteers and do not employ people.

Goal of the foundation

What is the purpose of the African Mission foundation?

The goal of the African Mission foundation is to share the Christian faith with people in Africa, especially in South Sudan. In addition, the foundation wants to offer practical help to people who need it.

What do the statutes of the African Mission foundation say?

Download our statutes here: statutes of African Mission foundation (this also states the destination of the liquidation balance, this is a requirement for the ANBI regulations).

What is the working area of the African Mission foundation?

The working area of the foundation is central Africa, with a focus on South Sudan.

What activities does the African Mission Foundation carry out?

  • The foundation's primary focus is sharing the Christian faith and providing support to those in need.
  • We keep overhead costs as low as possible. The board consists of volunteers. We do not travel unnecessarily. We do not have expensive campaigns and organize as much as possible via the internet.
  • We want to support the local population but not make it dependent on our (financial) support. We would rather give a microcredit than a gift. Projects are therefore carried out by the local population with the support of the foundation. In principle, support always takes place on request (demand-oriented support).
  • Where possible, we work together with other charitable organizations that are active in the same region, in order to prevent us from reinventing the wheel as a small foundation.

African Mission endorses the equality of all people based on ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or cultural background.

What names does the African Mission Foundation use?

Predecessors of the African Mission Foundation are the Sudan Aid Foundation (1995-2005), the Ephraïm Mission Foundation (2005-2017). In addition, the Save Our Children Foundation has been taken over by the African Mission Foundation, only of the latter African Mission is also formally a legal successor.

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Because we don't have an office and only work with volunteers from home, every donation goes fully to the people it matters!

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