About African Mission

African Mission is a foundation with projects in South Sudan and Northern Uganda. It is our passion to encourage and support the people of Africa. We do this with conviction from a Christian background. The board of the foundation consists of three persons; from left to right: Jaap Huisman (chairman), Ikhlas Abdelrahman (secretary) and Jaco van Maaren (treasurer).

Time to help South Sudan

South Sudan experienced a civil war from December 2013 – 2020. As a result, many people have been displaced, many people have died. Many South Sudanese people have also fled to Uganda in particular. South Sudan is still not a quiet and safe country to live in. The government is doing what it can, but South Sudan is a large country and some parts are extremely sparsely populated. There are often robberies and riots. We at African Mission have set up several successful projects in South Sudan since mid-2005 and in recent years also in northern Uganda. Things have calmed down a bit since December 2020 and fortunately we have more access to the projects in South Sudan and Uganda. In recent years, Leida Kruidhof has made a number of working visits to Juba, the capital of South Sudan. In the spring of 2023, Jaco van Maaren and Jeannet van Maaren went on a working visit together. We have completed several projects and started other projects. Help is desperately needed, hence our appeal: help South Sudan now!


Many people still do not have clean drinking water and many children do not have an education. Medical facilities are also very primitive. Therefore become a Friend of African Mission.

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A small contribution can make a big difference for the people of South Sudan and Uganda. What can you do?

Jaco van Maaren

Jaco van Maaren

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