Northern Uganda

Northern borders Congo (Kinshasa) in the west, South Sudan in the north, Kenya in the east and the three other Ugandan regions in the south.

The region is divided into 37 districts, 65 counties, 317 sub-counties, 1,702 municipalities (parishes) and there are approximately 15,000 villages.

Refugees from South Sudan

The land border between South Sudan and Northern Uganda cuts across primitive kingdoms and landowner territories. The border is crossed daily by the inhabitants of the areas. As a result of the civil war in South Sudan (2013-2020), large numbers of refugees have come to Northern Uganda.

African Mission in Northern Uganda

There are still large camps where these refugees stay. The problem is that returning is not always possible and there are several reasons for this. Usually the problem is that those involved have too little financial scope to build a new life on old birthplaces in South Sudan. But practical and administrative reasons also play a role. Finally, many people do not dare to go back because they have not yet overcome the fear. We at African Mission have contact with many people in this area. Not only with people from South Sudan, but now also with many Ugandans. We now have several projects running in this area. We have contacts in the Gulu and Adjamani regions, among others.

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