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On February 25, 2023, Pietro Boschetti Primary School was officially opened. Monday 27 March was the first day of school for Lui’s children.

With the delivery of the Dr. Pietro Boschetti Primary School on February 25, 2023, the children of Lui finally have a beautiful school building. But there is no teaching material available at all.

No notebooks, writing material, no books of English, math, biology or geography. There is also a particular need for pencils, pens, notebooks, paint and craft paper. With relatively small donations we can quickly buy school materials. Help in kind is also welcome. We can send the materials to Juba by post. From Juba, our partner Support Women and Children in Conflict (SWCC) brings the items to the Boschetti School. We are really happy with all the help in this!

Collaboration with SWCC

Our partner SWCC has offices in both Kampala (Uganda) and Juba (South Sudan). They know the market and buy materials from partners they know from other projects. We have now made labels and sent them to the SWCC. Teaching material that will be purchased in Juba will be labeled with these labels so that it is clear that materials can be ordered from the SWCC when they are replaced.

As soon as we have been able to purchase teaching materials and school materials, we will keep you informed via this page and our socials. We thank you for your cooperation and for your gift!

Budget for this project: USD 3.500

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