Pietro Boschetti Primary School

The school was named after the husband (Pietro) of the main sponsor (Annemarie Boschetti). Both Pietro and Annemarie have sadly passed away. Construction was coordinated by SWCC.

The SWCC (Support Women & Children Conflict) is a local executive relief organization led by Jolly Marutia. The SWCC completed the school with local contractors and delivered it in February 2023.

The school was festively opened on February 25, 2023. Jaco and Jeannet van Maaren attended the opening on behalf of African Mission. Jolly was present on behalf of SWCC. Bishop Stephen Dokolo, the commissioner of the province of Amadi and several police, government and church officials were also present at the opening.

What is now especially necessary is that teaching materials are donated. We need textbooks, pens, pencils and paper.

African Mission will have ceilings installed in the classrooms in February-March 2024. This is because during the last rainy season it turned out that the noise pollution from the rain is too great. When it rains heavily you can hardly make yourself understood. The new ceilings provide good insulation so that lessons can continue even during a downpour.

We also have plans to send new teachers to the teacher training course in Kotobe in the fall of 2024. We are still looking for sponsors for this. Teacher training lasts 2-4 years. We see this as a necessary investment to bring education up to standard.

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