Ceiling in classrooms Boschetti Primary School

Last February, the school building was handed over to the community of Lui Parish. The children are taught, there are teachers, there are toilets. However, not everything is quite as it should be.

The rainy season started last March and when it rains you can no longer understand each other. And also, when the dry season arrives again, there are problems; it gets way too hot at school.

The plan is to do something about the noise nuisance caused by the heavy rainfall. The plan is to make a concrete ceiling with a wooden frame as a base. In the photo you can see a romantic ceiling under construction, this photo was taken in the construction of the new delivery clinic of the Lui Hospital.

The cost of a romantic ceiling (in all classrooms) comes to about USD 12,000. It would be nice if we could also realize this project. Will you help?

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