Medical materials requested for Lui Hospital

Het ziekenhuis in Lui heeft gebrek aan veel medische apparatuur, gewoon kantoormateriaal en allerlei andere zaken die normaalgesproken gewoon in een ziekenhuis te vinden zijn.

In order to perform operations responsibly, a number of things are urgently needed because there is currently no good operating light, the beds are about to collapse and there are no portable lamps in both the delivery room and the dressing room. The requested medical devices and materials can significantly improve the quality of hospital care in Lui and will contribute to saving human lives.

Guidelines donating medical equipment

As is well known, in many African hospitals there is a lot of medical equipment donated by well-meaning donors. Much of that material remains unused or is discarded. There are hardly any materials available for the hospital in Lui. We therefore do not just ask to send medical equipment, but are in close contact with the management of Lui Hospital and adhere to the guidelines of governments and the World Health Organization WHO.

We ask for medical equipment that we know the doctors know how to use. We check in advance whether the equipment is complete and whether any essential parts are missing.

Do you work in a medical clinic or hospital and do you think your organization is willing to donate equipment? We would like to get in touch with you. It is possible to email, text or call the management of the Hospital in Lui directly. We are in close contact with the organization there. By contacting us about this you can make a difference for many people in Mundri County.

List urgently needed materials

Management and staff of Lui Hospital have drawn up a list of items that are needed in the Lui Hospital. It would be nice if a Dutch healthcare institution donates some second-hand equipment to our hospital. Below is a list of the top priorities

Operating room lighting
An operating room lighting to provide doctors with optimal visibility during surgical procedures. It must be a ceiling lamp and it must have two arms. We have already made and attached an iron bar in our OR to hang the operating lamp on.

Operating table
An operating table, designed to also perform orthopedic surgery

Portable operating lights (for changing room and delivery room)
The above items are urgent as we currently do not have proper operating light, our operating bed is very old and collapsing, and we are missing portable lights in the delivery room and changing room.

Other necessary medical materials

Extractors; it would be great to have one in the OT, one in the delivery room and one in each ward)
Single oxygen concentrators; it would be great to have at least one in every hospital ward):
Some defibrillators; it would be great to have one in every hospital building):
A C-arm digital X Ray portable machine;
Some stretchers;
Some monitors; for vital signs with a large number of adhesive cords (it would be great to have one monitor in each ward for critically ill patients):
One ECG machine with many paper rolls;
One Ultra Sound machine with convex and linear probes;
Single mobile instrument stands;
Single stainless steel carts;
Some crutches;
Single stainless steel trap buckets;
Metal cabinets for medicines, consumables and medical equipment;
Some instrument tables; one for OT, one for the delivery room, and one for the locker room;

Let’s pray the Lord that some of the requested items will be available as secondhand donations for Lui Hospital!

Medical materials needed in the picture

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