Bouw Lui Parish Church

The Lui Parish Church will be a second large church in Lui. This church is funded by us and transferred to the Episcopal Church, Lui Diocese.

In South Sudan and Uganda, large churches often have so-called ‘parish’ churches. These are roughly translated as ‘satellite churches’. In Lui, the Fraser Memorial Cathedral is the central church. This church was founded by Rev. Fraser. The Fraser Memorial Cathedral is surrounded by several historic buildings. These buildings date from the time of Rev. Fraser. They include several schools for both primary and secondary education.

Many people live on the north side of Lui, all of whom are also very involved in the church. For these people, the church in the center is often a bit far away and, moreover, always full of people during services. In addition, almost every building here can be used multifunctionally. Because there is a great need for a new large church building for the people who live here, we have decided to finance a new church building; Lui Parish Church.

The church construction took a while (from 2008-2011) but is now fully completed and in use. Lessons are also given in the church because our next project (the Pietro Boschetti Primary School) is still being prepared, more about this later!

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