Lui Hospital in trouble

The second hospital in South Sudan is the Lui Hospital. The Lui Hospital is not supported by the national government because there is no money.

It has an area of 5.5 hectares. There are 9 main buildings and 12 outbuildings (for medical staff, offices, school complex). The hospital has 120 beds, 20 pregnant women come in per day and several children are born every day. Around 250 people stay in this area every day.

The hospital has no money for food or water. There is a water pump but it has insufficient capacity. Among many other things, clean water is now the first priority. The African Mission Foundation would like to install a new water system, with a ground pump that works on solar panels as a source. All together this costs more than EUR 40,000. We still need about EUR 10,000 to realize this. Will you help?

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