The Dam Project – Lui

The Dam Project was set up by the government in 2011-2012, just south of Lui. There is a lot in the 2013-2020 war destroyed unfortunately. How is it now?

It started so promising. The government of South Sudan has built a huge water basin for the people of Lui. It is a ‘bath’ of about 250 x 300 meters and 10 meters deep. A huge reservoir of rainwater! In addition, they have laid pipelines to various water points along the main road, right through the town of Lui. At every water point you can tap the water by simply opening one of the taps. Unprecedented progress for Lui.

Now, May 2023, the basin is still in good shape. The rain of the past few months has filled it to the brim. Many animals such as insects and birds find water to drink here. Under the trees along the dam a lot of laundry is being ‘done’. The washed clothes hang to dry on the fences around the dam.

Unfortunately, however, a lot is wrong. The pipelines that must bring the water to Lui were taken with them in the last war and the water tower that must provide the necessary pressure was unfortunately also killed in the war.

Unfortunately, the people in Lui are once again dependent on water from traditional water pumps. It is sad to see such a beautiful project as it is now. Bishop Stephen Dokolo will soon visit the Ministry of the Interior to report on the situation. He will push to revive the 2011 Dam Project. Clean drinking water is vital and the basin is fortunately still there and filled with wonderfully clean water. We hope that the needs of the people here will be seen and that the Government of South Sudan will commit to giving this Dam Project a second chance.

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