In the footsteps of Rev. Kenneth Fraser

Rev. Fraser has turned the lives of the Moru upside down. The Christian faith has come to the Moru through him.

African Mission has been active in Sudan since 1995. Around the turn of the century, we were mainly active in large refugee camps south of the capital Khartoum. In the camps Hai Baraka and Hai Yousef we operated under the names SHS (Stichting Hulpverlening Sudan) and Ephraïm Mission. From 2005 we shifted our focus to South Sudan and in particular to the Mundri County region. A Jesus film was shown in the town of Lui and board members of our foundation were present. From 2005 we have offered Lui as much support as possible. We have brought goods by sea, supported the construction of the Lui Parish Church, drilled several wells and set up agricultural projects.

Why especially in Lui?

In Lui we met the Moru. The Moru have been a Christian people since the arrival of Rev. Kenneth Fraser. Kenneth Fraser and Eileen Fraser brought the Christian faith to the Moru and the Moru have embraced it. The three-track idea of Rev. Fraser (church-school-hospital) has become commonplace in the culture of the Moru. Church, school and hospital; they represent mind, brain and body.

In the twentieth century, central Africa was flooded with missionaries from Europe and America. Often they are heard but also often not. Many have gone back disappointed and some have been tortured or killed. But with Rev. Fraser it was very different. He and his wife are honored by the Moru to this day. In 2021, a big party was held in Lui in honor of 100 years of Christianity among the Moru. A book has also been published on the church history of the Episcopal Church in the Greater Mudri.

We, at African Mission, are inspired by the work of Rev. Fraser and are happy to be able to set up our projects together with the Moru in his footsteps.

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