First Schoolday Boschetti School

Last Saturday was the opening ceremony of the Boschetti school with the transfer of the building to the church. Now, Monday: the first day of school!

In 2014, the first teachers of the Boschetti school completed their training at the teacher training college in Kotobe. Since then, these teachers have worked daily for the children of the Lui Parish Church. Today we (Jaco and Jeannet from African Mission) meet the teachers of the school. It is now a team of 16 people who run the school on a daily basis and provide education to the children.

We walk past the classes and have a chat everywhere. The school is designed for a maximum of 160 children, but today there are many more. Biggest challenges at the moment: there should actually be ceilings because of problems with the acoustics and there is no teaching material at all.

Support Women and Children in Conflict

Fortunately, Jolly (our project manager) from Support Women and Children in Conflict (SWCC) has something to share. They are packages with basic children’s clothing, a squeeze cat, soap, a water bottle and some other handy things.

It was nice that we were able to experience this milestone. When we are back in the Netherlands we plan to set up fundraising to further support the school.

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