What can South Sudan do?

Terrible news about Sudan. An armed battle between the army and the RSF (Rapid Support Forces). What is the impact on South Sudan? What can we do?

In The Sudan, heavy fighting is taking place between the army and the RSF to gain control of strategic places, including the presidential palace in Khartoum. The army continues to bombard the RSF with fighter jets. It seems that a serious civil war is breaking out in neighboring Sudan.

Hundreds of people have been killed in the fighting. Not only in Khartoum, but also in Darfur, there is heavy fighting, and Darfur was just normalizing a bit in recent years.

Since the fall of Omar Al-Bashir (2019), there have been heavy protests. The people of Sudan are fed up and want a western democracy. But those in control can’t get the peace. In October 2021, the army command staged a coup, a peace plan was drawn up by the UN in which the RSF would integrate into the regular army. Unfortunately, none of this has come to fruition and relations are completely polarized. Unfortunately, the mix in which all the ingredients are present to lapse into a bloody civil war.

In South Sudan they see all this with sorrow. The government is doing everything it can to maintain the security of the country. South Sudan, one of the poorest countries on this planet, takes in the refugees from Sudan. And that while there are still a few hundred thousand refugees from South Sudan in camps in northern Uganda. We in South Sudan are Christians who know what it means to look after another with care. Praise for all people in South Sudan who are ready to help their brothers and sisters from ‘The Sudan’ where possible.

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