Welcome in The Sudan

Today, January 1, 2002, I set foot on the ground in 'The Sudan' for the first time. A special experience you will never forget!

Transfer from Schiphol and at Frankfurter Airport at the turn of the year. I score my first euros at an ATM. I spend these euros on the morning of January 1 on the market of Khartoum. I buy new knives because those in our guesthouse had fallen apart when cutting the first tomato.

For me today everything is a first time experience. The turbans that pull your luggage off your hands at the airport (you are not allowed to carry your bags yourself), the sweltering heat, the Jesus and Mary images in the living room of our host, Rev. Sylvester. We are traveling, Ikghas, Rob, Leon and Anton. We visit the projects of our foundation. These projects are located in the refugee camps around Khartoum.

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