Support Women and Children in Conflict

Since the establishment of Support Women and Children in Conflict (SWCC) foundation in April 2017, African Mission has successfully collaborated with SWCC.

SWCC has experience with aid and support projects in various places in both Uganda and South Sudan. For us, the SWCC with manager Jolly is a rock in the surf. Jolly has extensive experience in managing small and medium-sized projects. SWCC always involves the community and knows better than anyone that you need commitment from the local population. They know how to communicate with (church) leaders. Just like us, director Jolly has a Christian background and works very well with the local implementers.

Project management by the SWCC

For African Mission, SWCC supervised projects and gave advice in the field of church and community building in both South Sudan and Uganda. It concerns school construction, water management, energy management and small-scale agricultural projects. We always rely on SWCC. The SWCC can do a lot of work in a short period of time because the agency also cooperates with a number of other organizations (also led by women). Last February I visited SWCC’s head office in Juba and was able to view the reports of our projects. I am impressed with SWCC’s administration, everything is well documented.

We strongly recommend working with SWCC, you could not wish for a better project organization.

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