Repairs water wells Juba

Er zijn inmiddels vijf waterputten gerepareerd en aan twee andere wordt momenteel gewerkt.


The budget for a major repair involving the replacement of corroded pipes and other parts was estimated at approximately €2,200 and for a minor repair €1,500. Our goal is to have a total of 10 wells operational before the end of 2019. So we are well on our way, but the goal has not yet been achieved. Approximately € 3,000 is still needed for the repair of the last two wells.

Water management committee

By appointing and training a ‘water management committee’ for each repaired well, the people themselves are responsible for the continued proper functioning of the wells. The Trumpeters continue to monitor everything at a local level and also regularly distribute chlorine tablets for safe drinking water. It is precisely the involvement and commitment of the people themselves that makes De Trumpeters visible in the city. Thousands of people now have access to clean drinking water thanks to this project. Nice to see how this project is a blessing for the people of Juba.

Cooperation with local companies

African Mission works together with local people and companies. They have extensive experience in digging and repairing wells in South Sudan.

Living conditions improved

Important steps have been taken, the Trumpeters have become more visible in their own living environment, where living conditions can be improved enormously by fairly simple actions such as these repairs.

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