Life expectancy in South Sudan

South Sudan has the lowest life expectancy of all countries in the world. For years, South Sudan has been in the top 5 when it comes to the lowest life expectancy.

The main causes of this low life expectancy are medically based conflicts, poor nutrition (kidney problems), infant mortality and poverty in general.

Even if there are no injuries, people often die from heat and stuffiness, depression and drought and from traffic accidents. The many deaths at a young age have a huge impact on society. People have been traumatized by the many deaths of close relatives. Medical and psychological services have contributed a lot to many people getting into trouble.

Transfer of knowledge

The transfer of knowledge from the elderly to the young is a problem, precisely because the average educational facilities make it difficult for young people to develop properly.

Future of life expectancy

Unfortunately, the life expectancy of recent years is not further known. The 2013-2020 war has exacerbated the problems. A positive point is that the young generation is eager to put their shoulders to the wheel. They are proud South Sudanese who like to work together, towards a bright future.

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