The Bible in Moru language

African Mission has supported a small project in Lui where Bibles have been distributed to the people of the Christian community.

The Moru language has been preserved through the use of the language in the Church, especially the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS). Over the years, a number of editions of the prayer book (Buku Mätu Ro) and the hymn book (Buku Loŋgo ro) have been published.

Episcopal Church

The Bible in Moru dates from 1951, when the New Testament and the Psalms ‘Taobaro To’di’ were published. In 1953 a sort of introduction to the Bible was published; ‘Kito Lusi ro Luka be’; this is mainly used in Moru schools. The complete Moru Bible, ‘Baibolo Alokado’, containing both the Old and New Testaments, was published in 1999 by the Bible Society in the Sudan.

In 1981, a collection of local folk tales was published in Moru Kediro in the form of two booklets, one of which is available on the Internet as a PDF file: Kitoŋwa Tauni’ba yi and Kitoŋwa ‘di Odo’ba yi.

In this way, anyone who can read Moru can become acquainted with the beautiful stories that the Bible has to offer us. And, not unimportantly, telling our children!

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