Agriculture project Yei River

The Yei River runs from the Congo-Uganda-South Sudan border triangle to the north of Western Equatoria. Near Lozoh (about 30 km below Lui) we support an arable farming project.

Our support consists of supplying a water hose with pump. It is a foot pump with which you can pump up the water from the river as a kind of fitness exercise. The area around Lozoh is extremely fertile. Further afield, farms have also irrigated large tracts of land. Pineapple, cassava, papaya and okra are grown here. The field that is watered in our project mainly grows peanuts, red potatoes and oranges. During our working visit it is very warm and dry. Time to also take a dip in the Yei River. We saw some caimans and also a small turtle. Swimming in the river is not completely harmless, but the temptation to cool off is too great …

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